"I have been impressed with the musicality and stability of Loren's tunings.  He is very reliable and trustworthy and it is my pleasure to recommend him."

Ben Klinger, Manager, Classic Pianos - Bellevue

“As a piano teacher and church pianist, I am always anxious to make sure that my instruments are in good working order and well-maintained. Loren Kelley is the professional I call upon when it is time for regular maintenance or repair. When my church’s piano had trouble with the action, Loren came in and spent several hours adjusting the hammers, making sure to match our requests exactly. The vintage 1920’s piano came to life and has been a blessing ever since.  He goes above and beyond for his clients his rates are both fair and competitive. I recommend Loren to all of my students, and many of them have equally glowing reports after their experience. Whether you have a new instrument or an instrument in need of a little TLC, Loren is the man for the job!



Sharon Cattich

Piano and Vocal Instructor
Cattich Music Instruction